An Early Matthew

Is there a case to be made that the church published a Gospel within a decade of the resurrection? I believe that there is. Naturally, Matthean priority, the presumption that Matthew was the first Gospel to be published, best aligns with this scenario. I also contend that the earlier that we can establish that the first Gospel was published, the more trustworthy we will inherently find all of the Gospels.

On this site, discover the concerns of ancient authors concerning memory reliability, the needs of the early church for written Gospels, the testimony of the church fathers concerning the early publication of Matthew, and the historical champions of an early publication of Matthew.

Must we accept the popular modern theory that the disciples of Jesus were unable or unwilling to publish a Gospel within the earliest years of the church?

Did the early church value written materials?

Can the church fathers be read as supporting an early Gospel?

Was there support for an early Matthew over recent centuries?

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